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We have suspended services for the next two weeks or until it is safe to reopen.  


A PLEA Please limit exposure and ensure not just your safety, but the safety of others during this time to help eliminate the spread of this virus.

Many of you probably do not know what to do with yourselves, here are some ideas:

1. Catch up on some sleep

2. Go for a short walk

3. Go for a long bike ride

4. Get to know your kids

5. Play games with them

6. Have that long awaited chat with your mother-in-law

7. Plant a tree

8. Drink water

9. Order something from Amazon

10. Read

11. Ponder your future

12. Tidy up the garage

13. Start your spring cleaning

14. Think up alternatives to toilet paper

15. Empty out your closets - do we really need that much

16. Re-arrange and de-clutter your mind - i meant your home...same thing.

17. Rent Redbox

18. Watch a very long season of a tv series

19. Talk to your spouse - I know...at least think about it

20. Count the reasons you'd be happy to survive this

Massage Therapy redefined...

The Tara Yasha Spa is dedicated to providing each and every client with truly excellent service that is: 

1.  Thorough

2.  Mindful

3.  Personally Designed Therapy to Target Ailments

4.  Comprehensive - Full Body Symptom Check Every Time

4.  Power Packed With Helpful Feel Good Tips

5.  Beneficial Post Massage Routines

6.  Very Reasonably Priced


The Tara Yasha Spa Studio is a small 1 yr start up.  Our size allows us the ability to offer these amazing prices and individualized care with each service.  

Our Mission: To provide a range of resources that combat the stress that cause physical, mental and emotional pain.  Resources range from massage services that address stress induced pain and parent/child massage classes.


All services are equally important to us here at The Tara Yasha Spa Studio and we thrive to make a positive impact in our community through spreading awareness about stress and pain in both adults and children and the impact it has on our communities health and emotional wellness in a  more magnificent scale.

Our Vision: To educate, provide options for pain and symptom relief and make it easier for you to improve your health through our massage therapy services.


Our Values: We present a code of ethics that serve to guide our practice towards providing a genuinely friendly, warm, engaging and thoroughly welcoming space.


From an Ayurvedic standpoint it is the health of an individuals' energy/inner well-being and the ability to self-heal that we focus our intentions.  This type of service requires selfless, mindful and dedicated practitioners, which you will find at The Tara Yasha Spa Studio.

Our Motto: 

To be the uplifting experience you're looking for.

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