The Tara Yasha Spa Studio is dedicated to providing each and every

client with truly excellent service that is: 

1.  Designed to Target Ailments

2.  A Blend of Complimentary Therapies

3.  Thorough

4.   Mindful

4.  Power Packed With Feel Good Tips

5.  Quality Services, Excellent Results

Liscensed Massage Therapist

Hale Kantasingh, LMBT #17274​

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The Tara Yasha Spa Studio opened in January 2019.  

Our Mission: To provide a range of resources that combat the stress that cause physical, mental and emotional pain.  Resources range from massage services that address stress induced pain and parent/child massage classes.


All services are equally important to us here at The Tara Yasha Spa Studio and we thrive to make a positive impact in our community through spreading awareness about stress and pain in both adults and children and the impact it has on our communities health and emotional wellness in a  more magnificent scale.

Our Vision: To educate, provide options for pain and symptom relief and make it easier for you to improve your health through our massage therapy services.


Our Values: We present a code of ethics that serve to guide our practice towards providing a genuinely friendly, warm, engaging and thoroughly welcoming space.


From an Ayurvedic standpoint it is the health of an individuals' energy/inner well-being and the ability to self-heal that we focus our intentions.  This type of service requires selfless, mindful, talented and dedicated practitioners, which you will find at The Tara Yasha Spa Studio.

Our Motto: 

To be the uplifting experience you're looking for.

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