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Hale Tara Kantasingh

LMBT #17274​

Emma & Kira


I was born in Trinidad (in the Caribbean) and graduated in 2014 from The Academy of Palm Beach in Florida.

My business is more than just Massage & Bodywork centered.  It is a way to connect, share ideas, information and the opportunity to serve my community by providing encouragement, support and useful life resources to those who need it. 

As my latest endeavor, having seen a trend among college students, I traced many physical and mental ailments and trauma to childhood experiences.  Focusing on how I can help be the change that is needed to help deter suicide and aggravated crimes in juveniles and into adulthood, because of childhood trauma, I spent a year researching what that would look like for my business.

And as a result of my research, The The Tara Yasha Spa now provides training for parents that centers around the bond between themselves and their children.  The Tara Yasha Spa for Integrative Family Programs strongly believes that by providing such services we can lower childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, suicide, juvenile agression and which will take them into adulthood with healthy coping skills that would truly encompass the resilence we so often charge them as having.  These programs would provide pain management assistance to children aged 3yrs -17yrs.

It is hardly that a second thought has been given to how much peer pressure, stress, growing pains, depression and anxiety has affected children in general.  Just as adults crave relief from physical and emotional problems, so to and even more so do children, need relief.  Many adults have found that massage therapy works to release physical and emotional stresses, pain, lonlilness, depression and anxiety.


As adults we forget how much stress school, peer pressure, sports, homework and home life can be.  Many kids struggle to communicate their pain level or even what they are feeling and as adults, if we are not professionally trained to recognize the start of a real problem baring down on our kids then we may miss the opportuity to help them in time. "Children are resilient" we might argue, but is that term merely a misused notion?

Phycology Today

Believing "children are resilient" may be a fantasy

By Darcia F. Narvaez Ph.D.

"Kids are resilient." How many times have I heard that in a Hollywood movie as a self-centered adult 'does his/her thing' at the expense of the children? How resilient are children? If you look at the whole picture of health and well-being, not that much.   Believing in children's "resilience" actually may be undermining parenting and social policy.

What does "resilient" mean? Among researchers, it usually means that the person is doing better than expected for the situation they are in; e.g., coping despite neglect. In child development it means that the person is not a clinical problem or a criminal or a drop out, even though they did not get their basic needs met in some fashion.  I contrast resiliency with thriving. Thriving means that your needs were met during sensitive periods and that you have what you need for wellbeing.



Nicole Schwarz MA, LMFT

Raising Resilient Children

Nicole says, "What sets resilient children apart from their peers is that they  have  skills to help them manage anxiety, feel calm and confident instead of stressed, and try again instead of giving up."

You can make a difference in your childs life and in the life of those who come into contact with them by providing an open line of communication, the outlet for physical and emotional stress relief and by becoming more knowledgable through parenting classes or self-help books.

What are the benefits of a child receiving a soothing, relaxing and pain relieving massage?

  • An increase in dopamine (the feel good hormone) which helps to regulate anxiety and stress levels and a decrease in cortisol (the stress hormone).

  • It increases range of motion, which assists in recovering from and/or preventing injuries during sports and play.


  • An increase in concentration. Focus and concentration have become a big problem in schools today.  And most concerned educators find this to be distracting and disruptive, leaving parents with very few choices, but which typically leads to medication.


  • Improved quality of sleep.  


  • Relief from depression and anxiety from the regular release of those feel good hormones.

As a side note:

Too many times children get a bad rap for being cranky, moody, groggy, upset and/or having  temper tantrums.  The healing touch of a massage is an ancient method of self-care and should be practiced by all and children as early as infancy.

The Tara Yasha Center for Integrative Family Programs will hold classes to teach parents simple and effective techniques on how to safely and effectively massage their child/children.


Children will also be thought simple everyday (do-able) techniques that will increase circulation,  enhance sleep and soothe and calm the mind.


This is an exciting program for kids and parents to:


  • Strengthen the bond with each other


  • Improve communication


  • Make valuable use of their limited time together


  • Acquire skills that help to counteract social & peer pressure, improve school & sports performance and provide options for physical and emotional stress relief through more healthier methods

  • Be guided and thought how to identify and communicate their feelings about where pain and/or discomfort is located, thereby, experiencing a tremendous growth in self-confidence