Energetic  Diagnostic Sensitivity Therapy

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Hale Tara Kantasingh
Licensed Massage Therapist

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What is Energetic Diagnostic Sensitivity

The ability to feel the emotions or energies of others is considered a trait of Empaths.  The ability to 'see' someone's pain, however, is akin to "mirror-pain synesthesia". Although, this is the closest comparison, this specific ability causes most Empaths to actually feel the physical pain they feel from others.

However, developed skills of Energetic Diagnostic Sensitivity allows one to see pain, inflammation or infection in color through physical touch and also feel another persons emotions like a picture/image or rather like a story unfolding. All these traits can be developed independently. 

Guided Intuitively, Divine Guidance Or Just The Ego?

To understand the depth and complexity of these require an insightful and curious mind. To experience these yourself usually helps with that process.


Being guided intuitively means you are able to see and feel the pain and suffering of others through a keen 'gut' feeling and awareness of the energy someone is projecting .


Being divinely guided means you randomly receive messages/insights and guidance from an outside spiritual intervention, where no emotion, bias or feeling or awareness were a consideration.

The ego most certainly has it's purpose. But in healing, the ego should take a backseat.  The ego helps to propel one to accomplish many good things, but not so good things as well. The ego is self-interest driven and is mostly concerned with the “I”. In healing, the ego drains energy quickly and offers no real effect.

BENEFITS Of Energetic Diagnostic Sensitivity Therapy

In a regular massage session, the concentration is on  relaxation and instant relief. This type of session is very helpful in managing your day to day life and bringing relief to sudden bouts of pain or stress.  It can greatly help to decrease the effects of trauma, depression and anxiety as well.

Energetic Diagnostic Sensitivity Therapy let's you release the disturbance from a deeper emotional response to stress, trauma, depression and anxiety, which gets you unstuck, brings about clarity and gives you profound realizations and ah ha moments, all while on the table.

You will feel dizzy from releasing such intense emotions, but that will be short-lived and pale in comparison to the new-found excitement of moving forward lighter and with hope.

How I work

I am a skilled massage therapist, but my special gift is Energetic Diagnostic Sensitivity. To put it simply, when I touch you, I capture (like a picture) your overall state of being.  As some of my clients have put it, I'm able to tell you where your pain is. 

Then, in some unexplainable way, I 'feel' what that pain feels like in an image and I immediately 'see' and 'feel' the link to a trauma, your areas of  emotional, physical and energetic pain & suffering.


Inflammation shows up as a red-glowing light and infections I see as a red-glowing light with a black center.

The methods I use are unorthodox.  When  your trauma comes to light, I get a clear picture/feeling of what ails you.  Trauma is not the same for everyone. So they are specific to you when I see it.  Then as I have always been divinely & intuitively guided, I may engage you in conversation.

It is important to know that when dealing with trauma, you must be open and willing to new ideas as this is never a cookie-cutter process. Your individuality ensures that.

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Let the healing begin.