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Stories from the Table

an Initiative of

The Tara Yasha Spa Studio

We are working to provide members with Life Resources. Connect with resources such as parenting classes, single parent resources here in Chapel Hill, Employment Connections, Support and Mental Health Therapy Options, Kids & School, Divorce & Separation and Finding Balance within Cultural Diversity. We encourage clients to share their experiences and success stories so that others have a chance to benefit.

This service is a melting pot for those wanting to give back to their community, encourage and support those in need and share their views on issues that matter.

To submit to 'Stories from the Table' please email and if you would like to be listed as anonymous, please indicate that in your email.

You will receive an email confirming your submission prior to posting.

A Thank You To Our Clients Who have Provided This Opportunity And To Those Yet To Come.

A Special Thanks to K. C. Whos' insights are always welcome and for coming up with the name "Stories From The Table'. Simply Brilliant.