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Research & Study

Massage Therapy for school aged kids has been shown to improve children's’ concentration levels and their ability to stay on task with their schoolwork.


Additional benefits of a Student Based Massage Program have anecdotally reported decreased bullying and aggression, and an increase in children’s self-esteem and empathy toward others.

A Teachers Aide

Once teachers see the dramatic results of Massage Therapy on their kids, their stress levels decrease tremendously.


As a result of trying to learn, a childs cortisol (stress hormone) levels increase, thus driving up their anxiety. Massage Therapy is a quick way to reduce this, [and improves] mental clarity and problem-solving.

Kids juggle school, sports, chores, mean kids, social situations, acne, peer pressure and about a hundred or so other stressors. So, why isn't a massage a part of their everyday life?

Athletic Performance

Children have shown better performance in their sports/activities.

The general benefits of Massage Therapy is relaxation, decreased muscle tension, pain and increased mobility. 

Athletic kids are at an advantage as they are more protected against injury and over use through gaining more flexibility, less lactic acid buildup and increased communication skills(massage requires a child to communicate what they are feeling and where) and increased confidence.

Depression & Anxiety/ADHD

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